Amy’s Kapers

On Submitting to Conferences

Well Global Diversity CFP Day has wrapped up again for another year, and my head is still spinning with things I wish I’d remembered to share. So while it’s all still fresh (and while I can continue to postpone my other work 😂), I thought I’d take the chance to write them down.

Writing a Proposal

Submitting to Conferences

One important note on submitting to conferences - it doesn’t hurt to try. I’ve talked to so many people who didn’t submit to a conference because they didn’t think they had anything to share with the audience. But the conference may be looking for something different, there may be a different angle to your presentation, and you lose nothing by submitting. I’m not saying to blindly submit to every conference out there, but don’t be afraid to give things a shot

Creating Your Presentation

Before the Conference

On the Day

What to Wear

It’s Showtime

After it’s Over